Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Light, Harbinger of Hope" Series

In the Fall of 2010, I began making my "Light, Harbinger of Hope" Series.

Light, Harbinger of Hope Series

"Light's Invitation 1"

"Light's Invitation 2"

"Light Gradient"

This series would extend to this year and give birth my next series of work: The "White" Series.

To see more of my artwork,
please feel free to visit my artist page at Shiloh Gastello Ceramics

The artist statement for this body of work reads:

     "Ceramics is the main medium that I use to convey my message regarding the relationship between symbolic light and darkness, hope over sadness.
     The ebony black tenmoku glaze in my black series reflects the emotional lows when angst has shifted and given way to deep introspection.  The golden bands of rutile and red iron oxide stain wrapped around the forms and the color white in my white series represents light that banishes darkness.
     Darkness being engulfed by light is a key theme in deciphering these works, which provide subtle clues about what light and darkness represents to us individually."